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Evaluation Manual

Standardize your evaluation procedures and best practises with the Provar Evaluation Manual.

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User Manual

The User Manual describes how to use the Culteva™ Software, administrate your organisation, update your profile, etc.

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Cultivar Evaluation Manual

The specific fruit and tree characteristics evaluated with Culteva™ are well documented in the Provar Evaluation Manual which is supplied with the app for paying subscribers. This document is supplied in PDF format, updated every year, and may be printed for reference use in the field.

The Provar Evaluation Manual currently supports the following crop types: Apple, Peach, Nectarine, Apricot and Plum. We would like to encourage you to participate in the curating and amendment of the standards and practices as defined in the evaluation manual. If you are interested in evaluating other crop types using Culteva™, help us to define the characteristics and measurements that are unique to the crop and we will add it to the evaluation manual, then integrate it into Culteva™.

We believe that standardisation will greatly benefit your evaluation program and allow for more accurate and comparable data, thus we do not currently provide for recording custom characteristics.

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Culteva™ Dashboard Cloud App

The Culteva™ Web App, or Dashboard, is a cloud-based application where you plan your evaluations, register cultivars and sites, print barcodes, view reports, etc.

The Culteva™ Web App can be accessed using a browser by entering the web address (where you are now).

The supported browsers are:

Google Chrome



Although the Dashboard may be usable on a mobile phone, it is recommended that you use the Dashboard on a desktop or laptop computer for the best experience.

To view the dashboard now, click 'Go To Dashboard' below:

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Culteva™ Mobile Android App

The Culteva™ Mobile App is focussed on data collection in the field and laboratory. With Culteva™ Mobile you can scan barcodes and record evaluation data.

After you have logged in on the mobile app, it does not require an internet connection for data collection. Once you go online the app will upload the data to our secure servers and can be viewed on the Dashboard.

The mobile app is compatible with Android (version 4.4+) devices.

To download the mobile app, search for 'Culteva' in the Google Play Store or click the link below:

Get it on Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Culteva software is developed by evaluators for the evaluation of new varieties by means of easy collection of phenotypic data, measurements, images and notes on a mobile app during orchard and laboratory observations. This data is directly transferred to the Culteva dashboard on your PC or laptop where you can easily compile comparative reports between varieties, evaluation plots, treatments, rootstocks or even data comparison between countries if you have license holders in different countries.

Yes, we will attempt to import your existing data for you to get started as soon as possible. This may include lists of varieties, plantings and historical phenotypic data. Some data might not be compatible, but we will attempt to translate the data to the format Culteva applies. * Fees may apply depending on the complexity and amount of historical data imported (this will be communicated before commencement).

We have a dedicated mobile app for Android devices but not iOS (iPhone) or other mobile operating systems. Please let us know if you would like to use an iPhone for our future development consideration.

Culteva is designed for use by evaluators, breeders, researchers, students and IP managers. Anyone that would like to collect and report comprehensive phenotypic data on plant or harvest samples can use Culteva.

We do provide a demo account for evaluating the software before you decide to subscribe. Please contact to request a demo.

Culteva mobile application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (search for “Culteva”). See more information below.

Culteva is a software as a service product and not a once-off product. There is a subscription fee payable to Provar on an annual basis as agreed between Provar and the Subscriber. Please contact if you would like to subscribe.

You can e-mail the Culteva support team at or call us on (+27 21 863 0941) if you have any queries, experiencing a problem on Culteva or you would like to report anything relevant. They will be able to assist you as soon as possible.

Yes, you can add branding to reports and Culteva’s report builder allows you to select which characteristics and measurements you would like to report on.

Yes, the mobile app can be used in orchards/areas where there is no internet connection. As soon as you reach your office or internet accessible area, your data will be uploaded to the Culteva Dashboard.

Yes, Culteva allows multiple evaluators to collaborate on the same data set.

Yes, different levels of access can be assigned to individual users.

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