Culteva Evaluation

Evaluate the Cultivars of Tomorrow

Cultivar Data Management Software


Standardized protocols

ensure accurate and comparable data between cultivars, across evaluation sites and countries

Collect and compare

the phenotypic characteristic data of plant material under evaluation

Easy to use tools

lighten the load when performing evaluation tasks, making data collection paperless and effortless on any smartphone or handheld device

Powerful reports

provides a visual insight to your evaluation data and can easily be shared with colleagues or clients

Client driven development

allows us to prioritise our clients, understand their specific needs, and keep them in the loop

Improved traceability

Of plant- and harvest samples with unique QR codes to accelerate productivity

Data collection on the go

With the Culteva™ Mobile App available on Android

The Culteva™ Mobile App is focussed on the fusion and hassle-free collection of data from both the field and the laboratory

  • Effortlessly record characteristics, measurements, notes and images
  • Track samples using the built-in QR code scanner
  • Continue on-site evaluations without active internet connection by using the app’s offline capabilities

The mobile app is compatible with Android (version 5.0+) devices (excluding version 7.0)

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"The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight"