Harvest Samples

Harvest Sample Index

You can go to the Harvest Sample Index Page:

  • By navigating to the Dashboard and clicking the Harvest Sample Index button located in the Harvest Sample Data widget.
  • Or by opening the sidebar and selecting the Harvest Samples option.

Harvest index

The Harvest Sample Index with demo samples

How To Register A Harvest Sample

1.Click on the + icon to open a new harvest sample form.

2.In the 'Add Harvest Sample' dialog, enter the details of your Harvest Sample:

Harvest Sample Form Dialog

Field Descriptions

  • Harvest Date: The date the sample was actually harvested.
  • Label [optional] : A name / label used to describe this sample.
  • Connect with Plant Sample: If this harvest sample originates from a registered Plant Sample, you may check this box, to create a connection with the plant and have the harvest sample inherit the associated scion, rootstock and location.
    • Associate with Plant Sample:
      • Select a plant sample from the list to associate with this harvest sample and inherit its properties.
    • Not associated with plant sample:
      • Scion Cultivar: The scion cultivar associated with the origin plant.
      • Rootstock Cultivar [optional] : The rootstock cultivar associated with the origin plant.
      • Location [optional] : The site where this harvest originated from.

3.Once you have entered all the required fields, select the Save Button to save the harvest sample.